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Information Technology Manager and Software Engineer in San Antonio

2019 Christmas Message

December 25, 2019

2019 Christmas Message

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Dear Friends and Family,

I am delighted to write from my home to you, wherever you are, this Christmas. To each one of you, Rocio and I send good wishes which come from our hearts.

Since last Christmas, the past year has been a memorable one for me. In the course of it, I have had four vivid personal experiences: all of them, in their different ways have made a deep impression on me.

In January, we had a major plumbing failure at Fairway Bridge. A crew spent three days removing and replacing the main sewer line for the property. Fortunately, we had no water damage inside the house and were able to return to our affairs quickly.

In April, I was injured in an electric scooter accident. Like many, I found these devices convenient for short trips around downtown. In my quest for convenience, I nearly lost my life. I am grateful to the construction workers who witnessed the accident and offered aid, to the colleagues who accompanied me to the clinic and most of all to my wife for helping me get through the ordeal and recover. Within a month, I was operating at full functionality once again.

In June, we learned that we are expecting our next child. We await his arrival with great anticipation. We are a small family, which makes the experience all the greater. As of right now, we are two months away from the due date. I salute Rocio as she makes her way through the pregnancy. She works very hard for our family and refuses to slow down.

In November, we buried my brothers cremated remains. It has already been four years since his death and he is missed greatly in my life. I can be no more satisfied than I am now knowing that he has a permanent resting place. I thank my mother and father for their solidarity and contributions to make this happen.

I am happy to say that my experiences in this year have left me with a feeling of great thankfulness for these proofs of the peace and goodwill for which we specially look at Christmastide.

And now it only remains for me to echo those words which so may of you will already have said to each other today – words, which never lose their significance for old or young, and which, in good times or in bad, still bring a message of cheer to all of us; may your Christmas be happy, and may the coming year bring you a full measure of peace and prosperity, and may God bless you all.

Your Robert

Programmer in Bexar